Senses of Light

2017 | media installation
electrical muscle stimulation / parasited body / intercommunication of self and other

In this work, three subjects, plankton, machine, and human, who have completely different perceptual forms, interact through the interpretation term of light. There are 9 light tiles. Plankton that swims in water thinly pasted on top of it simply moves toward the bright side according to its own habits in the world between the light source spreading below and the surface of the water where the light is totally reflected. On the other hand, the camera installed in the upper part photographs the light source and the shadow on it, and darkens the light source where many shadows (plankton) are concentrated according to the program, and brightens the light source where there are few shadows. And humans view the light source that changes to ambient from a bird's eye view, and sometimes they hold their hands over the light source, causing unpredictable interference with cameras that cannot distinguish between plankton and human shadows.

feedback flow